Paint Panther Testimonial

The Award Winning Paint & Varnish Remover

Date: 17th August 2018
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Paint Panther

Paint PantherPaint Panther Voted - DIY Decorating Product of the year, gold winner!

Paint Panther is a highly effective incredibly fast paint & varnish stripper which removes many types of coatings. Its gel consistency is ideal for vertical and other less accessible areas. Methylene chloride free. 

Paint Panther will also strip metallised paint.

  • Easy To Apply
  • Non-Drip Gel Formula
  • Removes Metalised Paints

Paint PantherA customer who recently used the product after trying others on the market said;

"Thanks for your help, I think that Paint Panther is an excellent product, it was personally recommended to me by Crown CRM the people who make Sadolin. I needed to strip 9 windows down to the basewood after the previous occupant of our house painted it with brown Sadolin opaque (which is like brown paint) over lovely grained Mahogany windows. It has been one heck of a slow job but I have nearly got all the windows stripped back thanks to Paint Panther! I had already tried Blackfriars which was useless and Nitromors which nearly knocked me out by the odour, Paint Panther has been great!"

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