Wood protective oils that make it last

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The benefits of using Natural Wood Protective Oils

 They nourish, protect, and sustain timber around your garden or home, and are easy to apply and maintain. 

It’s the protective finishes that make it last. 

Choosing a high-quality wood treatment goes a long way to ensuring wooden structures around the home and garden last a lifetime. 

Barrettine's essential range of High-Quality Wood Stains and Wood Treatments are deep penetrating and designed to add long-lasting, superior protection to all timber structures including, wooden cladding, log cabins & garden offices, decking, and gazebos through to traditional sheds and fences. Their high-quality resins provide superb water repellency and are complimented with UV fade-resistant pigments. Their natural oils are produced from linseed and soya, and provide a beautiful translucent finish that enriches the wood grain. This protection is easy to maintain and will not peel, flake, blister, or crack over time.

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Barrettine Wood Care Products


Our wood care product range includes: Barrettine Wood Preserver, Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment, Barrettine Decking Oil (all have colour options available), along with Barrettine Clear Anti-Slip Top Coat Decking Oil, Barrettine Clear Log Cabin & Decking Treatment and the brand new high-performance specialist coating, Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil.