Armourflex® Wood Floor Lacquer/Varnish

  • 5* Star Performance
  • 5* Star Performance
  • 5* Star Performance

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Armourflex® Wood Floor Lacquer/Varnish

Product description:

Armourflex® Wood Floor Lacquer is formulated to give you the edge.

Armourflex® is a professional high-performance coating utilising the latest technology. To further boost its performance, ceramic particles have been incorporated into its formula providing additional durability & protection without hindering its application or dying time. Armourflex® is presented in a CLEAR formula, with superb NATURAL and ENRICHED finishes available in Gloss, Satin & Matt. Food/Toy safe when dry, certified by EN 1186:2002 & EN71:3. 

The benefits:

  • Truly Natural Finishes
  • High Performance and Durability
  • Excellent Coverage & Value
  • Stain & Scratch Resistant
  • Manufactured in the UK

Sizes: 3 Litre, 5 Litre 

Label PDF DownloadArmourflex Lacquer SDS (All versions)    Label PDF DownloadArmourflex Lacquer Labels 

 Armourflex Lacquer TDS 

Armourflex Clear Natural Finish

This option provides a truly natural finish with minimal change to the wood colour. It is available in Matt, Satin & Gloss.

Armourflex Clear Enriched Finish

This option provides an enriched finish which enhances the wood grain leaving a warmer tone to the wood. It is available in Matt, Satin & Gloss.

A water-based formula suitable for all solid wooden flooring including hardwood, softwood boards and parquet. Not suitable for artificial wood effect laminate floors but can be used on wood veneer. Always test an inconspicuous area before starting any project to check product suitability and compatibility. Product shelf life is 18 months from date of manufacture.

Innovative Ceramic Particles (diagram)  

Armourflex ceramic particlesThe latest technology in self cross linking resins coupled with ceramic particles (shown in gold) provide additional strength and protection.

We also offer within the Armourflex® range an effective yet gentle hard surface cleaner. Ideal for wooden floors but equally effective on tiles & non-porous stone. Supplied in either concentrate (1L) or ready to use trigger spray (750ml).




  1. For freshly laid floors, allow the wood to acclimatise in the room for several days before treating.
    Previously coated, waxed, polished or oiled floors must be fully sanded back to bare wood using appropriate floor sanding equipment before using Armourflex®. When using Armourflex® on previously overcoated wood that has not been sanded back properly, we cannot guarantee adhesion.
  2. Resinous deposits should be removed with a scraper and the surface degreased, by wiping with a clean, lint-free cloth, dampened with methylated spirits. Change the face of the cloth frequently. Allow solvent to fully evaporate before proceeding.
  3. Any surface defects or open joints should be repaired using a suitable wood filler for the floor. Those which require sanding dust to be mixed in will achieve the closest colour match. To achieve a uniformly flat surface, some wood fillers are suitable to apply in a thin layer across the entire floor, then sanded back to reveal a smooth surface below. Test the colour of the wood filler with the lacquer on a scrap piece of wood before using.
  4. Remove any sanding dust with a vacuum or tack cloth. For an optimum finish, wipe with a soft cloth, lightly dampened to raise the grain. Allow floor to dry before a final sanding and vacuum.
  5. If required, stain the floor using a water-based wood dye.

Shake well and allow any air bubbles to settle.

The product must be fully mixed to ensure a uniform finish. Supplied ready to use, do not thin. Care should be taken when pouring to make sure cured bits of lacquer from around the neck do not contaminate the body of the liquid. Coverage: 3 litres will cover approximately 12-18m2 of bare wood with 3 coats, depending on the porosity and smoothness of the wood. (First coat approx. 8-12m2/L, subsequent coats approx. 15-20m2/L).

Our recommendation to achieve the best finish is to use the Armourflex® finest lambswool velour roller with a 4mm pile. Alternatively, a roller based on the same/similar specification. A pad or good quality brush may also be used but avoid cheaper brushes which shed bristles and lack flexibility. If a lamb’s wool applicator is used, vacuum or dab with masking tape first to remove any loose fibres. Start at the edge of the furthest corner of the room from the entrance. The product can be poured directly onto the floor or used in a tray/ container. Ensure that the entire area is evenly covered. If necessary, use a small brush to apply around edges or corners.

  1. Work swiftly and smoothly and maintain a wet edge to avoid overlap marks. The wood will absorb more lacquer
    on the first coat. Don’t put pressure on the roller/pad and keep the yolk of the roller (the side metal frame) pointing in the direction you are working towards. This avoids leaving edge tracks. For very large & commercial areas, a number of people can apply at the same time to keep a wet edge. When overlapping, enter the previous section by around 1/4 of a roller length by gently placing the roller rather than pushing it through the open edge. This avoids leaving a line of lacquer from the front edge of the roller/pad. Avoid over-working the lacquer as this will cause marks and result in an uneven finish.
  2. Once the coating has dried, apply the next coat as soon as possible. Each coat will take approximately 2 hours to dry. If necessary, carefully de-nib any raised grain between coats by lightly sanding with 240 grit or finer, in the direction of
    the grain. Remove any sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner before applying the next layer of lacquer but avoid dragging the wheels of the vacuum cleaner across the surface. The floor will take light foot traffic approximately 16 hours after the final application. For heavier use, such as loading with heavy objects, floor coverings or allowing pet access, allow 1 week for the lacquer to fully cure. Avoid wetting the floor before 1 week has passed, including damp mopping. Pets nails/claws should also be kept short, particularly large dogs.

What do the professional contract users say about it?

    • “It's really easy to sand and get back on to with around a 2 hours recoat time” 
    • “I switched from a brand leader as my lads loved the Armourflex® trial so much and moaned when it was over” 
    • “The Natural Matt is the best I have ever tried and it’s the same price as the Enriched, brilliant” 
Armourflex Wood Floor Lacquer

Reviewed by Phil Stock, Director at H2H Flooring.

Packaging & Technical aspects:

The Armourflex product was well packaged and presented. The packaging had very good advice and the information provided for instructions for use was clear and concise ensuring the required finish was obtained. This showed the manufacturers had a good understanding of the product and finish.

The technical team at Barrettine, manufacturers of Armourflex were also very helpful and gave a good level of service. The product was delivered clean and undamaged and would be particularly presentable when shown to a prospective customer. 3 litre container seemed perfect to hold in the van for any smaller jobs or repairs. 5 litre size is also available and stocked.

Application and coverage:

Both Natural Satin and Natural Matt were used in the application. The Satin finish required a 240g grit paper as recommended by the manufacturer, where as the Natural matte was fine with a finer 180g grit and produced a very smooth finish. Coverage was excellent and possibly more than the label specification and the drying time was well within capacity. Once dry ( 2 coats) the lacquer was stripped using an orbital sander with a 80g pad which was effortless, this applied to both Satin and Matt finishes which as a professional would be very useful if a reapplication was ever required.

Protection / Scratch Resistance:

The product seemed very durable and was subject to varied fluctuations in temperature and situations of damage but this did not affect it.

Colour and finish:

Depending on preference, the Natural matt when applied brought out the grain but after drying this was completely knocked back and left a very natural finish. It would also be hard to tell that there was a lacquer on the wood once fully dry (different timbers would have varied results). TheSatin had similar results but with more sheen, as expected.


The products were User Friendly, Easy to Apply and Very Durable leaving the desired finish.

Recommendation: I would recommend these products and would certainly use this in my own house.

Quote: Phil Stock, H2H Flooring. Master Fitter #1657

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We, Barrettine are a family-owned UK business with over 140 years of experience in manufacturing Wood Care treatments. We pride ourselves on quality, service and value in everything we do.

Free product samples are available on request for contractor trialists. (subject to terms and conditions).

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