Armourflex® Hardwax Oil


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Armourflex® Hardwax Oil

Product description:

Armourflex® Hardwax Oil for wooden floors and furniture.

Armourflex® Hardwax Oil is tough, durable and water repellent. Containing a blend of natural oils and waxes, suitable for protecting and enhancing the durability of all interior wood surfaces including hardwood, softwood, parquet and veneer. Resistant to common stains such as wine, beer, fruit juice, carbonated soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

  • Natural Oil / Waxed Based
  • Stain, Dirt & Scratch Resistant
  • For Interior Use
  • Manufactured in the UK

Sizes: 1 Litre, 2.5 Litre


Label PDF DownloadArmourflex Hardwax Oil SDS     Label PDF DownloadArmourflex Hardwax Oil Label

 Armourflex Hardwax Oil TDS 

For freshly laid wood, allow to acclimatise in the room for several days before treating. Moisture content should be below 15%. Previous coatings must be fully sanded back before application. Resinous deposits should be removed with a scraper and the surface degreased, with methylated spirits. Repair cracks or open joints with a suitable wood filler. Use 120-150 grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface on the wood. Remove any sanding dust thoroughly before application. If required, apply wood dye.

IMPORTANT! Test the colour and compatibility with any wood fillers or dyes on a scrap piece of wood before use.

Hardwax Oil Preparation

Carry out a test patch before starting any project.

Ensure good ventilation is maintained during application and throughout the drying process. Ready to use, do not thin.
Stir thoroughly before use. Apply in thin coats using a short pile roller, good quality brush or lint-free cloth. Over-application can reduce the finish quality and prolong drying time. On previously treated timber 1 coat is normally sufficient, maximum of 2 coats may be required if applying to fresh or previously untreated timber.

Coverage: Approximately 24-28 m2/l (One Coat), 12-16 m2/l (two coats), depending on substrate absorbency and smoothness.

Drying Time: 6-8 hours under average climatic conditions (23oC, 50% humidity). Preferably allow to dry overnight. Variations in ambient conditions and substrate can affect drying times.
Suitable for light foot traffic approximately 16 hours after final coat.

Equipment Cleaning: Clean brushes/rollers with Barrettine White Spirit immediately after use. If spilled, wipe off immediately with a cloth dampened with Barrettine White Spirit.

Precaution: Cloths used for oiling could, under certain conditions, self-combust. Immediately after use, soak them in soapy water then lay them flat outside on a non-combustible surface to dry.

Hardwax Oil Application

Marks and scratches can be touched up without the requirement for sanding. Ensure areas to be repaired are clean and dry. To renovate large areas lightly sand with 120-150 grit sandpaper, remove dust and then apply a single, thin coat. ArmourFlex® Hardwax Oil imparts a tough, resilient surface to the wood that resists typical daily wear and tear. To help retain the best appearance a good level of general care is advised e.g. avoiding dragging heavy items like furniture and keeping pet claws regularly trimmed.

Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to remove loose dirt from the surface and avoid scratches. Wipe up any spills immediately. Never steam clean or saturate floor with water to clean, this may reduce the service life and cause damage to the wood below. Floors should be regularly cleaned with a light spray of ArmourFlex® Wood Floor Cleaner and a microfibre mop.

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