Garden Furniture Oil

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Garden Furniture Oil

Product description:

Nourish & Protect

A natural blend of clear oils and resins for the treatment and enhancement of all types of garden furniture. It penetrates unsealed wood leaving a natural, water-resistant finish ideal for outdoor garden furniture. Regular use will nourish, protect and reduce the greying appearance of weathered wood. Treat garden furniture at least once a year. Suitable for oak.

  • Drying Time: 48 Hours
  • Coverage: 1 litre up to 10 sq metres

 Size: 1 Litre


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Preparation and method of application are essential for great results:

  • First remove lichen, algae, moss and similar detritus for best results.
  • Apply by brush or a lint-free cloth – after 10-15 minutes, remove excess oil with a lint-free cloth.
  • Apply 2- 3 thin coats leaving 9 hours between each coat and a minimum of 1- 2 days after the final coat before using the treated item. To give a superior smooth finish rub down with fine stainless steel wool rubbing in the direction of the grain between coats.
  • Treat garden furniture at least once a year. Suitable for oak.
  • Clean equipment with Barrettine White Spirit
  • Precaution: cloths used for oiling may spontaneously combust.  Immediately after use, soak them in soapy water then lay them flat outside on a non-combustible surface to dry

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