Brown French Polish

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Brown French Polish

Product description:

Nourish & Protect

Made from pure Flake Shellac mixed with alcohol. Used extensively on high-quality furniture and for renovating old furniture that does not require stripping, giving a rich high gloss finish.

Can be applied by brush or cloth. For best results apply multiple coats, rubbing down with fine wire wool after each application. Surfaces can be easily marked by heat, solvents and abrasions.

Clean brushes with Barrettine Methylated Spirits or Cellulose Thinners.

Size: 250 ml


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  • Test for compatibility in an inconspicuous area first. Finish may vary depending on wood type and condition. Ensure wood is clean and smooth, filling the open grain with wood/grain filler, followed by staining if necessary. For best results apply with ‘rubber’ made by wrapping cotton wool in a linen or cotton rag. Pour polish into rubber (with a spot of Linseed Oil to aid application if necessary), and work into the surface in circular or figure of eight motions. Apply several coats sanding lightly between coats if necessary. The finish coat is best applied with the polish thinned with Methylated Spirit.
  • For best results apply in a warm, dry atmosphere, allowing 24 hours for the surface to harden.
  • After use - clean all spillages and application equipment with Methylated Spirits.

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