Peelaway 7

  • Peelaway 7

Peelaway 7

Product description:

Peelaway 7 is formulated to remove up to 20 coats of modern paints from woodwork, bricks, masonry, plaster, fibreglass and metal (includes automobile and aircraft paints). Water based formulation works for up to 48hrs.

Always carry out a test patch first.

Note: Does not require neutralising. 

  • Architecturally Specified
  • Methylene Chloride Free
  • Environmentally Safer Formulation


6 x 750 g, 1 x 4 Kg, 1 x 10 Kg


Easily removes up to 20 coats of architectural, domestic, industrial & marine coatings with no dangerous fumes or toxic particles.

A New modern alternative for Peelaway 1 that does not require neutralising on application.

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