Bug Blaster Insect Spray


Bug Blaster Insect Spray

Product description:

Bug Blaster®, the trusted, reliable and effective insecticide-free spray has now been reformulated to contain a water soluble polymer that acts as a physical mode of action. The insect is coated with a polymer when Bug Blaster® is applied to the insect, the liquid polymer coating immobilises the insect and as a secondary consequence of this film coating, the insect dies. There is no residual action of this formulation as Bug Blaster® contains no insecticide and the knockdown is rapid. Recommended to be used against small nuisance insects appearing around the home such as flies, ants, bed bugs, fleas.

  • Works on Adults, Eggs & Larvae
  • Can Be Applied To Pet Bedding
  • For Use Indoor & Outdoor All Year Round
  • Stops The Pest - Without insect agitation or aggression
  • No Nasty Smell, No Toxic Chemicals, No Nerve Agents

Size: 500 ml

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