Bug Blaster Insect Spray


Bug Blaster Insect Spray

Product description:

  • Works on Adults, Eggs & Larvae
  • Can Be Applied To Pet Bedding
  • For Use Indoor & Outdoor All Year Round
  • Stops The Pest - Without insect agitation or aggression
  • No Nasty Smell, No Toxic Chemicals, No Nerve Agents

Bug Blaster, the trusted, reliable and effective insecticide-free spray has now been reformulated to contain a water soluble polymer that acts as a physical mode of action. The insect is coated with a polymer when Bug Blaster is applied to the insect, the liquid polymer coating immobilises the insect and as a secondary consequence of this film coating, the insect dies.

There is no residual action of this formulation as Bug Blaster contains no insecticide and the knockdown is rapid. Recommended to be used against small nuisance insects appearing around the home such as flies, ants, bed bugs, fleas etc. Do not spray Bug Blaster near naked flames or directly onto animals.

Dependant on the substrate, Bug Blaster could stain materials, therefore apply a test patch to determine the significance of the stain before general use.


500 ml trigger pack


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