NewUV Cladding Protection Oil


NewUV Cladding Protection Oil

Product description:

Long lasting professional protection against weathering & UV damage 

A transparent oil based protector for application to either pressure treated or preservative impregnated cladding. Provides a water repellent finish to increase dimensional stability of the wood and with the addition of UV absorbers and other additives slows the natural silvering / greying of wood that occurs due to weathering effects. The surface of the finish is itself protected by a biocide that inhibits the growth of mould and fungal spores.

  • Uniquely formulated for cladding
  • UV resistant to slow greying and deterioration
  • Excellent water shedding
  • Includes film preserver to prevent mould

Drying time: 24 - 48hrs 

Application: brush, dip, roller 

Coverage: 1 litre to 6m2


 2 x 5 Litre