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Our Solvents, Thinners & Cleaners cater to various needs, offering solutions for paint thinning, surface preparation, brush maintenance, and paint removal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Our assortment includes eco-friendly options, high-quality thinners for better paint application, and strong cleaners for removing tough residues and improving surface adhesion. We provide specialised cleaners for sensitive surfaces, and our products come in concentrated and ready-to-use forms, aimed at achieving professional results for any project.
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Barrettine Products are sold through a wide range of distributors, from national trade and retail giants to local independent retailers. All of our distributors are supported with regular promotions and quality point of sale displays. The combination of quality products sales support and competitive pricing gives our stockists continuous growth. Regular new innovative product launches keep your ranges fresh and appealing whilst our regulatory compliance team ensures that you are kept at the leading edge of legislation changes.