Premium Paraffin

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Premium Paraffin

Product description:

Premium Paraffin for use in domestic and greenhouse heaters. 
Not for use in lamps or torches.

Conforms to BS 2869 Kerosine Class C1.

With any fuel, there is a risk of carbon monoxide accumulating during burning, posing a health hazard. When using Barrettine Premium Paraffin in a domestic heater, ensure that the area is well-ventilated and ideally, a carbon monoxide monitor is installed close to the appliance. Always follow the heater manufacturer’s instructions and ensure the wick is correctly trimmed to avoid excessive soot. We do not recommend using Barrettine Premium Paraffin in occupied living areas.  This product is sold as fuel for use only in appliances compatible with Class C1 Kerosine. Minimum flash point 43°C.

For a cleaner burning indoor heating fuel, we recommend bioethanol using an appropriate ethanol heater/fireplace. For lamp oils and lighting, we recommend the Barrettine Pure Bright Lamp Oil range.

Sizes: 4 litre, 20 litre, 205 litre


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