Armourflex Wood Floor Lacquer Testimonial

Reviewed by Phil Stock at H2H Flooring

Date: 8th September 2020
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Armourflex Wood Floor Lacquer

Reviewed by Phil Stock, Director at H2H Flooring.

Packaging & Technical aspects:

The Armourflex product was well packaged and presented. The packaging had very good advice and the information provided for instructions for use was clear and concise ensuring the required finish was obtained. This showed the manufactures had a good understanding of the product and finish.

The technical team at Barrettine, manufactures of Armourflex were also very helpful and gave a good level of service. The product was delivered clean and undamaged and would be particularly presentable when shown to a prospective customer. 3 litre container seemed perfect to hold in the van for any smaller jobs or repairs. 5 litre size is also available and stocked.

Application and coverage:

Both Natural Satin and Natural Matt were used in the application. The Satin finish required a 240g grit paper as recommended by the manufacture, where as the Natural matte was fine with a finer 180g grit and produced a very smooth finish. Coverage was excellent and possibly more than the label specification and the drying time was well within capacity. Once dry ( 2 coats) the lacquer was stripped using an orbital sander with a 80g pad which was effortless, this applied to both Satin and Matt finishes which as a professional would be very useful if a reapplication was ever required.

Protection / Scratch Resistance:

The product seemed very durable and was subject to varied fluctuations in temperature and situations of damage but this did not affect it.

Colour and finish:

Depending on preference, the Natural matt when applied brought out the grain but after drying this was completely knocked back and left a very natural finish. It would also be hard to tell that there was a lacquer on the wood once fully dry (different timbers would have varied results). TheSatin had similar results but with more sheen, as expected.


The products were User Friendly, Easy to Apply and Very Durable leaving the desired finish.

Recommendation: I would recommend these products and would certainly use this in my own house.

Quote: Phil Stock, H2H Flooring. Master Fitter #1657

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