Patent Knotting

Patent Knotting

Product description:

Nourish & Protect

A quick-drying Shellac in alcohol, which is applied over knots and resinous areas in wood, to seal prior to painting. For use internally and externally. Patent Knotting prevents the resins naturally found in woods being dissolved by the solvents present in most paints and seeping to the top surface discolouring the paint finish.

Clean all brushes well with Barrettine Methylated Spirits immediately after use. Not recommended to be used where water-based / lighter coloured modern paints are to be used – use White Knotting.

For use internally and externally.

Size: 250 ml, 500 ml


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  • Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean dry and free from any contaminants. Sand down thoroughly ready for priming and ensure all dust is removed. Wipe knots with Methylated Spirit prior to applying knotting. Apply one coat of knotting over and around all knots and resinous areas working well in, ensuring all knots are properly sealed. Apply a second coat if required after a minimum of one hour. If knots are exuding excessive resin it is recommended to remove them and make good with wood filler.
  • Drying time: One hour.
  • For use internally and externally.

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