Button Polish

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Button Polish

Product description:

Nourish & Protect

Button Polish is a premium finish for wooden furniture of the antique style giving a highly polished appearance to the surface. These Shellac Polishes are suitable to use over wood stains and dyes. Whilst the finish achieved by a skilled craftsman can provide a superb high-quality finish, it is susceptible to heat and watermarking. Often the finish is completed by the application of a wax polish to improve water resistance.

Clean brushes with Barrettine Methylated Spirits or Cellulose Thinners.

Size: 250 ml


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  • Test for compatibility in an inconspicuous area first. Finish may vary depending on wood type and condition. Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease and dust. Apply polish with a brush or cloth-often called a ‘rubber’. Apply up to five coats, allowing to dry thoroughly between applications.
  • After the first coat, the surface of the wood may appear roughened - lightly rub down with the finest wire wool or flour paper. The final coat can be applied using a mixture of 50/50 Methylated Spirit and Button Polish. Clean all brushes etc with Methylated Spirit.

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