Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil

Date: 27th June 2023
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Armourflex® Ultimate UV Protection Oil

Long-lasting Protection against weathering & UV damage.

Armourflex® Ultimate UV Protection Oil is an award-winning, premium blend of natural oils, waxes, and resins, incorporating the latest UV stabilising technology to protect against weathering and UV damage that causes wood to swell, twist, and grey. The transparent/clear oil and wax formula imparts excellent water repellence to both softwood and hardwood, giving a microporous finish that is resistant to flaking, peeling, cracking and blistering. Ideal for all exterior wood types including doors, windows, and structural timbers. Contains film biocide. If used on unpreserved timber, use Barrettine Universal Preserver as a primer prior to applying Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil. 

  • Slows greying & deterioration
  • No Flaking or peeling
  • Excellent water beading
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Manufactured in the UK

Sizes: 1 Litre, 2.5 Litre



Stir thoroughly with a flat-bladed paint stirrer before and during application, ensuring good ventilation (preferably apply outside). Protect areas not intended to be coated with impermeable sheeting/masking tape and if in doubt, confirm suitability before use. 

  • Moisture content <20% 
  • Application/drying temperature - 5-30°C 
  • No rain forecast within 12 hours and >2 days since heavy rain 
  • Relative humidity <80%, ideally <60% 


  • Apply 2-3 coats evenly using a high-quality brush and/or Roller. (Recommend Armourflex roller). First coat – apply generously until wood is saturated. Subsequent coats – apply sparingly, gloss will increase. Allow minimum 4 hours between coats and 10 hours until fully dry. 
  • Test Area: Depending on wood type and condition, Armourflex UV Oil will darken the surface but this will usually fade back after a period of time and when the product has fully cured. We highly recommend carrying out a small test area first to make sure you will be happy with the final finish. 
  • Protect from rain/frost until dry. Cold/damp conditions cause a hazy appearance. 
Cleaning Equipment 
  • Use Barrettine White Spirit. Mop up spills immediately with an absorbent cloth, then wipe with Barrettine White Spirit. Dried spills require Barrettine Paint Panther or Peelaway 7, subject to substrate compatibility. 
  • Product contains drying oils - saturate used cloths with soapy water immediately after use and lay flat outside to dry. Do not leave to dry in bundles or on combustible surfaces, as cloths can combust. 
  • Approximately 15-20 m2/L per coat. This range depends on wood porosity and is based on smooth planed wood. Denser woods such as oak and iroko will absorb less, so will be at the higher end of the range than less dense woods, such as cedar, larch and pine. The product is not targeted at rough sawn woods but if used on these, the coverage would be expected to fall below 15m2/L.
  • As a guide, a 1L tin will cover 8 mwith 2 coats, whilst a 2.5L tin will cover 20m2.

how does it work?

How long will the product last?

Armourflex UV Protection Oil's level of protection will depend on how much sun, rain and frost the wood is subjected to. Testing is carried out in the UK under ‘worst case scenarios’, with an exposed South facing façade at 45°C to the sun. This maximises the amount of UV light our test pieces receive, and they also experience the full brunt of British rain and frost. Under this scenario, our test pieces require re-coating approximately once per year. However, most exterior joinery is not at 45°C and usually has some degree of shade at certain times of day. For a more realistic average scenario, we would expect most situations to require re-coating every two years, and this is best carried out in early Autumn or after the last Spring frost.

Specially designed to capture the sun's UV rays

Armourflex UV Protection Oil contains a careful balance of UV absorbers and antioxidants, designed to capture the damaging UV rays from the sun and dissipate them safely away as heat. UV Protection Oil prevents greying, swelling, shrinkage, splitting, and warping of wooden surfaces therefore extending the service life of the timber and reducing long term maintenance expense. The product also provides a water and dirt resistant barrier that prevents against surface mould and fungal attack, preventing discolouration of the surface.



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