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Date: 28th November 2022
Categories: Barrettine

Barrettine’s British-made Creosote alternatives.

For some time the regulatory future for Traditional Creosote has been in doubt. It has been earmarked for a complete ban but the date has been pushed back a number of times.

The advent of Brexit has meant that there is now a difference in timings between Great Britain mainland and the whole Irish market, since Northern Ireland is also affected by EU regulatory change.


Recently the news that a full EU ban outside of railway sleepers and telegraph poles in Eire and Northern Ireland was launched via the press. The exact timings though were unclear. Notification has now been received that the ban will come into effect almost immediately as far as merchant sales are concerned. The details are given below:

*Note that GB mainland is not included in the ban

  • 30th November 2022 – last date of sale/placing on the market by the Approval holder/marketing Company of Creosote based on the current approval/label which does not comply with the renewal regulation.
  • 31st December 2022 – Final sell out by Distributors i.e. Timber merchants of Creosote based on the current approval/label which does not comply with the renewal regulation.
  • 28th February 2023 – Final date for treatment plants and professional end users to use Creosote for treatment of timber other than for railway sleepers and utility poles.
  • 30th April 2023 - Any placing on the market and sale of timber treated with Creosote except for railway sleepers and utility poles will be prohibited.

Barrettine can offer a number of alternatives to Traditional Creosote...


The first alternative to traditional Creosote is Barrettine Wood Preserver in either dark brown or black. This gives a full spectrum of preservation to the wood with a deeply penetrating spirit based formula.

If preferred, colour can be deepened and enriched by further applications.


For a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Creosote use Barrettine Creosolve

Specifically, unlike competitor Creosote alternatives, CreoSOLVE does not carry a ‘Suspected of causing cancer’ warning. Again, colour can be deepened by additional coats.


The above alternatives are all deeply penetrating spirit-based treatments but crucially they are next-generation formulations that avoid a number of hazards to the environment and user.

When using Biocidal products such as Wood Preservers, always read the label and product information before use. Always do a test patch to ensure your desired colour/finish is achieved.

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